Train to Run
5k and 10k Training Programs

We are pleased to announce the "Train to Run" Training Program with options for a 5k or 10k. 

The Train to Run 5k/10k Program is for runners of all ability levels, whether you are a beginning runner or experienced.  If your goal is to run your first race, run without walking, improve your time, or tackle a new distance, you will benefit from the Train to Run Program.  The twelve (12) week Train to Run 5k/10k program focuses on building strength and endurance, improving running form and efficiency, and achieving your running goals.  The program ends with a 5k/10k Celebration Run that is included as part of the program.‚Äč
Train to Run 5k/10k is designed to teach adults of all fitness levels about proper running mechanics, nutrition/hydration tips, pacing and goal setting.  The course includes dynamic warm-ups, running form drills, strength training, stretching and a variety of activities to make it fun and enjoyable.

Each session is coached by a certified running coach.  Our commitment is for people at all levels to build endurance, improved form, and achieve their  running goals .  We want all of our participants to complete the 12-week program with increased running knowledge and enhanced love of running and being active.   The focus is to introduce and engender a passion for running and fitness.  

Click here to Register, or for more information on the program visit the Train to Run website.

This program is offered through a collaboration including Metro Run & Walk and West Springfield Running, LLC.